Dear Compatriots,

Dear Algerians,

I am honored and pleased to be the Ambassador of Portugal to Algeria, a mission that I will carry out with the greatest commitment and dedication.

Portugal and Algeria have signed a Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation, which is the basis of the excellent relationship that exists between the two countries. This is the context in which I will develop my work, trying to give substance to initiatives that will give it even greater proximity.

In view of the significant increase of Portuguese presence in Algeria and the growing interest that our country is raising in Algerian citizens, I will pay particular attention to the human component of this relationship. Of course, I will also pay particular attention to its economic aspect. In this sense, I hope to be able to closely follow the Portuguese companies that have settled here and are active or intend to approach this market.

The path that the two countries have made together, sharing a common space and convergent concerns, is already long and substantial, and many of you are making a contribution to the success of this journey. It is important to consolidate what has been achieved and to bet on the future, knowing how to respond the challenges presented to us, bypassing specific difficulties and taking advantage, with determination, of opportunities that will never cease to be mutually beneficial.

To all of you, I would like to express my intention, together with all the staff members of the Portuguese Embassy in Algiers, to do everything possible to strengthen the good relationship between Portugal and Algeria and to facilitate better understanding and collaboration among citizens, companies, public or private entities of our two countries, thus giving a growing consistency to the friendship that unites them.

Algiers, December 22, 2016

Carlos Oliveira


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